Our Mission:


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We provide high impact video content to anyone with a mobile device, anywhere, any time in any language regardless of literacy or technology experience.

Organisations benefit from measuring the impact and reach of personalised communications, advertisements, training and messaging to mass markets in environments where data isn’t readily available or affordable.

End-to-End Content Delivery Platform

  • Touch To Learn takes the classroom, training room, tutor and mentor to the student!

  • We are living in the NOW generation. In today’s digitized world there’s no reason to wait for your class to start, teacher to arrive or exam results nor should you pay to access the internet using YOUR mobile data.

  • Why pay to go to class when the class comes to you? Fees must fall!! We agree, why pay to go to class if you can access the tutor for free anytime you want – Training when and where you need it most for FREE.

  • The majority of training nowadays is theoretical which doesn’t require wasting time traveling, being away from work where you get paid or attending a course so boring you fall asleep,  so keep the learning process simple, interesting and FREE.

  • Insist on TouchToLearn to empower your career and liberate you from the limitations of old world learning methods. Watch videos and get wiser, YES if a child learns from videos for free why aren’t you?

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Distributed workforce? No problem. Our technology enables you to deliver seamless video and other content even where bandwidth is unreliable and expensive.


Deliver video anytime, anywhere for less than the cost of a training manual or advertising brochure — and it won’t cost your recipients a cent in data charges.


Use TouchToLearn for everything from customer surveys to staff training and recognition. It’s designed to overcome low literacy and high data costs.


TouchToLearn gives you a comprehensive audit trail so you can monitor the effectiveness of your engagement – and change fast when necessary.