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The Challenge

Training as an intervention for competitiveness and agility has not evolved much over time, although the content may it has been proven that the way training is delivered and experienced by learners has a significant bearing on effectiveness and the learners’ ability to absorb the knowledge and acquire new skills. Similarly the costs associated with traditional training are spiraling due to labour, logistics, and sheer volume & speed of changing content.

Introducing TouchToLearnTM

TouchToLearn™ provides an exciting and cost effective alternative to traditional training interventions which combines the use of technology with a thorough understanding of human beings learning styles and preferences. Every learner is engaged as an individual through an interactive technology portal, at their pace and language with a comprehensive audit trail to continuously improve and monitor progress thereby providing the means for live assistance or intervention in a timeous manner.

A Cost Effective Solution

So whilst technology has fueled the need for training, TouchToLearn™ has combined technology developments with a deeper understanding of human learning psychology to provide a feature rich cost effective training solution that provides personalized learning across an organisation and geographic boundaries and achieves this at substantially lower cost with significantly predictable results.