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The Challenge is Access!!

Access to online content is expensive and mobile coverage is limited. Millions of consumers are marginalised by the cost and complexity of internet access. The demand for mobile ready content is massive and there are close to 6.2 billion smartphones in the world, but ACCESS remains the greatest challenge.

Introducing TouchToLearnTM

Personalised media engagement with mobile users #datafree unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

TouchToLearn™ provides an exciting and cost effective alternative to traditional mobile interventions to enable you to build high value interactions with mobile users #datafree.

Our mission is to touch millions of lives by enabling #datafree access to mobile content.

A Cost Effective Solution

So whilst technology has fueled the need for training, TouchToLearn™ has combined technology developments with a deeper understanding of human learning psychology to provide a feature rich cost effective training solution that provides personalized learning across an organisation and geographic boundaries and achieves this at substantially lower cost with significantly predictable results.